The Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor

This Makita MAC5200 air compressor review will look at what is a highly powerful, compact, versatile, and mobile compressor that is the first choice amongst professional tradesmen. This is because it has the capacity to power two pneumatic tools at once. Another first choice by the professionals is a high quality table saw.

However, for those workshops that require industrial level painting and sanding this type of air compressor may not be ideal. In these instances one with a large tank is preferable.

Makita MAC5200 Details


It is powered by a motor that has 3.0 horsepower that is capable of generating as much as 3,420 RPM of speed. Makita use copper wire for the winding, which provides both improved performance and added durability. This also works to reduce the amount of heat that is produced by the compressor.

As a result of all this power it produces 90dBA of noise. For those individuals that have experience using compressors this should not be a big issue, as they will be aware of the amount of noise that they generate. Although 90dBA might be considered loud by some, it is actually is much less than other similar models currently available on the market.

It performs at 110 volts, drawing 13.8 amps. This means that a regular 15 amp household power outlet is more than capable of running the compressor. However, it is recommended that no other devices are plugged into the same outlet at the same time as it could cause the circuit to trip and cut out.


The air compressor has been made with an innovative piston pump that has a wide bore and its 5.2 gallon tank can be completely filled with air in approximately 2 minutes. It reaches a maximum of 140 PSI. The size of the tank is the main thing to consider when looking at a compressor.

With a 5.2 gallon tank the compressor can be used to power various tools for finishing basements, framing walls, removing lug nuts, installing crown molding, and tightening and loosening bolts. The pressure within the tank can be monitored at all times via the Makita’s integrated pressure gauges.

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Air compressor pump

The pump inside the air compressor is lubricated with oil so that when the piston goes into the cylinder at high speed it removes any source of friction and creates an airtight seal. A well oiled pump performs more efficiently, as well as keeps the cylinder cool, thus resulting in increased productivity and greater durability.

To help ensure that the amount of oil is always at the correct level, the Makita comes with a lubricant sight. On the glass there is a red dot to indicate the level that the oil should not fall below.


The MAC5200 is mounted onto a robust metal frame that has a foldable handle and a rubber grip that features an anti slip material. There is a small space for storing hand tools on the metal frame.

The tires on the mount are 8 inch in size, which helps to make it super easy to transport. It has four found feet that are made from rubber and work to keep it firmly on the ground in order to reduce both vibration and noise.

However, the Makita is very heavy and weighs in at 81 lbs. This is because of the robust and dense metal that is used throughout its construction. As you can imagine, lifting the compressor of the ground is practically impossible.

Build Quality

Not only is the frame robust but also so are all of the components that Makita have used to build the compressor with. These include the piston, the pump shroud, the motor cover and the cylinder. Because of their quality, this helps to extend the lifespan of the compressor altogether.

Each and every air compressor that Makita manufactures is intricately scrutinized and examined to ensure the highest level of quality. Any that are faulty or do not work fully can be returned within 30 days for either a replacement or a full refund. Similarly, they also have a 1 year warranty on them meaning that any that fail to work within that time frame will be fixed free of charge.

Check out the price of the Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor


  •     A 3.0 horse power motor
  •     110 volts
  •     13.8 amps
  •     Up to 3,420 RPM of speed
  •     90dBA of noise
  •     Up to 140 PSI
  •     5.2 gallon tank
  •     A total weight of 81 lbs.
  •     8 inch tires
  •     1 year limited warranty


  •     Highly durable
  •     Builds pressure very fast
  •     Easy to transport
  •     Able to power two pneumatic tools



  •     Heavy
  •     Louder than some other air compressors

What do users of the Makita MAC5200 say?

If you look online or speak to anyone that has ever used the Makita MAC5200 air compressor you will find that what they have to say is generally very positive. It also compares well to other similar compressors currently available on the market. People also comment on its good build quality and that it is not a heavy as they thought it would be.

It has been used in the boat building industry, as well as for carpentry work on roofs and floors. Some of the not so positive comments include issues with the wheels and axles of the metal frame being faulty. The size of the compressor was stated to be too big for the smaller jobs, such as those around the home, but not big enough for the larger, industrial type jobs.


The Makita MAC5200 air compressor has been built to deliver a high level of performance and it does not disappoint. It is a highly robust and hard working compressor that is easily transported from job to job. If the size of the tank matches your needs then this will make a great compressor for any professional tradesman.

However, for use on larger projects or within an industrial / commercial workshop it may not provide the amount of power that is required and so you may want to look elsewhere.

Check out the price of the Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor