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Dewalt DWS709 vs DWS779: Which Is the Better Miter Saw?

Dewalt is an established brand that has gained a lot of reputation for their high quality and durable power tools. Dewalt has a number of models that appeal to the varying needs of their customers. Unfortunately, this makes it hard for buyers to decide on the product to buy since they are closely similar in features. 

In this dws779 vs. dws709 article, we are going to look at the comparison between dws709 vs dws779 miter saws. Although the two saws are from the same manufacturer, they come with different features. This is because the two are also targeted at different customers.

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Before we do a Dewalt dws709 vs dws779 comparison, it is important that we look at each product individually.

Dewalt Miter Saw Features

The Dewalt DWS709 Miter Saw

The dws 709 is powered by a 15 amp motor that is able to spin at a maximum speed of 3800 rpm. The saw comes with a miter adjustment of 50 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right.  Also, you will find miter stops at 13 different points. This would allow you to set over 13 cutting angles with the saw.

Also, the 709 is double beveled meaning that it can cut at angles on both side of the saw. In fact, the 709 can cut at 49 degrees on the right and another 49 degrees to the left. It also has a cutting capacity of 9.5 inches for a 90 degree cut and 6.5 inches for a 45 degree cut. The good thing is that you can extend this capacity by following a user manual. However, this is something you may not want to do.


  • 15 amp motor
  • 60 degree miter to the right, 50 degree miter to the left
  • Beveled 49 degrees on both sides
  • 3 year warranty
  • 30.8 x 22.8 x 19.5 inches
  • Cuts 9-1/2 inch at 90 degrees, 6-5/8 inches at 45 degrees

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The Dewalt DWS779 Miter Saw

The dws 779 comes as a 12 inch, double beveled compound miter saw. It is fitted with a 15 amp motor and runs at the top speed of 3800 rpm. Also, the saw comes with a cutting capacity of 2 by 16 inches at 90 degrees and 2 by 12 inches at 45 degrees. The 779 also comes with a miter range of 50 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right.  In addition, the bevel runs to about 47 degrees on both sides. 

The Dewalt 779 is quite a performer and comes at a very attractive price point.  In addition, this saw is solidly built and can handle heavy work at the jobsite. This is especially considering that it is loaded with superior features that enable it to deliver top performance. However, the 779 is not deal for fine woodworking. Therefore, you may want to get another type of saw for such a project.

To clear your workspace, the Dewalt 779 is fitted with a vacuum that collects dust into a dust bag. Before we proceed with the Dewalt dws779 vs dws779 comparison, let us master the specs of the 779.


  • 15 amp motor
  • 3800 rpm maximum speed
  • Comes with a bevel 47 degree on both sides
  • 3 year warranty
  • 2 x 23 x 18.5 inches

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Dewalt DWS709 vs Dewalt DWS779 – the Comparison

Now that you have learnt about the specs of both the dws 709 and dws 779, it is important that we look at the major similarities and differences between the two. To achieve this, we must consider different parameters. 

The Motor & Blade

If you want to cut through tough materials, you need to find a miter saw with the current version of motor and blade. Both the dws 709 and the dws 779 come with a 15 amp motor that is able to spin the blade at a maximum speed of 3800 rpm. This speed is impressive because it can enable you to cut through tough materials with ease. Whether you are a professional or a casual user, you will find that using either of the saws is a breeze.

Both the Dewalt dws and dws 779 are fitted with a 12 inch carbide blade. The big size enables both tools to achieve bigger cuts and improved miter and bevel capabilities. For the best performance, ensure that you get a miter saw that exceeds the size of your molding. 

In this Dewalt dws779 vs dw716xps vs dws709 comparison, the two tools end in a tie.

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Cutting Capacity, Accuracy & Angles

The accuracy of the saw determines the cut quality that the saws can make.  Both the dws 779 and the dws 709 are able to deliver accurate cuts that enable woodworkers to achieve better quality. Both of these models come with red colored miter points that enhance the accuracy of the device.  

The 709 has a double bevel sliding compound that allows you to adjust miter angle at 50 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right.  Also, the unit comes with a bevel angle that extends to 49 degrees on both sides. At 90 degrees, this saw can cut a depth of about 9.5 and 6.5 inches and at 45 and 90 degrees respectively. In addition, the Dewalt 709 miter saw comes with 13 stops which can allow you to preset cutting angles. Lastly, the 709 comes with a sliding fence that enables you to add the height of the material that you want to cut.  

The Dewalt 779 on the other hand is able to make 16 inch cuts at 90 degrees and 12 inch cuts at 45 degrees.  The miter angle on the 779 ranges 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left. The bevel angle on the model lies at 47 degrees on both sides.  And as we look at the Dewalt dws709 vs Dewalt dws779 evaluation, it is important to point out that the Dewalt 779 has 10 positive stops and a lock to secure the working piece in place.

In this parameter, the winner is the dws 709

Weight & Portability

A good miter saw should be made of lightweight but strong materials. This is to not only reduce fatigue on the user, but also enable it to remain strong and sturdy while at work. A sturdy miter saw makes accurate cuts for a long time.  

The Dewalt 709 adopts a compact design and weighs a paltry 60 pounds. In addition, it comes with a dimension of 30.8 x 22.8 x 19.5 inches. This is important for it will give you an easy time as you carry the unit to different work locations.

On the other hand, the 779 weight 67 pounds and has a dimension of 2 x 23 x 18.5 inches. This makes it easy for users to work for long periods of time without feeling tired. Fatigue is one of the challenges of using miter saws and therefore, you should always go smaller and lighter.  

The winner here is the Dewalt 709

Dust Collection

One of the challenges that people find with miter saws is poor dust collection capabilities. That is the reason why many experts advise users to look for external vacuums with better dust collection capabilities. 

The dws 709 is not perfect in this. Sadly again, the dws 779 fails completely on this.

The winner here is the dws 709.

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When it comes to price, the 779 is more affordable than the dws 709. This is regardless of the fact that the two tools use the same 15 amp motor and generates a maximum of 3800 rpm. 

The winner on price value is the dealt dws 779


Both of these tools come with a 3 year warranty and one year free service. In addition, you get a money back guarantee for 90 days after the day f purchase. If you are not satisfied with the performance of ether of the tools, you can take it back to the supplier and have your money refunded.  

The dws709 vs dws779 vs dws780 battle ends in a tie here. 

Conclusion – Which Miter Saw is Best

After reading the Dewalt dws779 vs Dewalt dws709 comparison, it’s time to make a decision on the product that suits your needs the best. However, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself before making this decision including: Are you an expert or a beginner woodworker? Are you going to work on heavy duty projects or small household ones? Do you need advanced features on the miter saw? The answers to these questions are going to help you make an informed decision on which model to buy.  

If you are looking to do smaller projects, you should consider getting the Dewalt dws 709 because of its smaller size and easier transportation. Unfortunately, this model cannot handle large projects. Therefore, if you have bigger projects, you should opt for the DWS 779 as it is more capable to handle heavy duty projects. 

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