What is The Best Chainsaw Under $200?

“Chainsaw” and “cheap” are two words that do not usually go together. However, we are going to directly address that by looking at the best chainsaw for under $200.

The cutting ability, power and convenience that a chainsaw provides for handling jobs around the garden or on a work site should not cost you the Earth.

There are chainsaws currently available on the market that are affordable, whilst also being reliable and working well.

What You Should Look for in a Chainsaw Under $200

When considering a chainsaw based on its price tag, there are a number of things you need to really think about.

Similarly, it is important to know what to look out for when considering a chainsaw at the cheaper end of the market as they are vastly different from those at the top end.

If you are wanting something that easy to use and is reliable, as well as being cheap of course, then you should go down the electric route.

An electric chainsaw will always outperform its gas counterpart in regards to its cutting power versus the price.

However, that does not mean that there are not gas powered chainsaws available on the market that will not cost you an arm and a leg – it is just that you will not get as much for your money.

Good Corded electric chainsaws are most affordable. If you would prefer one that is cordless however, then they too can be found at prices that are pretty reasonable.

For those individuals who will be using a chainsaw to cut through hard woods and doing it regularly, then a gas powered one is your safest bet. Again, decent ones of these can also be found for sub $200.

Price v Quality

Going for the highest powered chainsaw for the lowest price is not something we advise in this situation.

Even with your budget constraints in mind, you should always go with a chainsaw from a trusted brand, such as Husqvarna or TORX.

You do not want to purchase something from an unknown brand that results in the chainsaw breaking after a few minutes of use.

Whatever type of chainsaw you choose, you should examine the critical components, such as the engine sprockets and its housing to ensure a good build quality.

Other considerations

Electric chainsaws are either measured in volts or amps. Those measured in volts are cordless and those measured in amps are corded.

To ensure you have enough power to do any sort of serious garden pruning, make sure the chainsaw is no less than 12 amps. This is enough power to provide a hassle free experience.

Although it is unlikely, you should avoid any corded chainsaw that is rated higher than 15 amps, as this is where most power outputs in residential properties maxes out.

Our Top Rated Chainsaw

WORX WG304.1 Chainsaw

We think this chainsaw is a total bargain and the clear stand out winner at this price point.

It is powered by a sturdy 15 amp motor that provides a huge amount of cutting power meaning you can comfortably handle pretty much any garden job.

Unlike a lot of other chainsaws in this price bracket, the WG304.1 comes with an 18 inch chain and bar. This makes cutting through the thickest trees a simple task.

This particular chainsaw is armed with WORX’s patented automatic chain tension system to prevent the chain from coming loose of being over tightened.

An oil lubrication system that automatically keeps the chainsaw well oiled means it is relatively maintenance free. The oil reservoir allows you to easily keep track of the level so that you always know when it needs filling.

Safety features include a built in automatic chain brake and a kickback bar. These are particularly useful features given the amount of torque this chainsaw puts out.

The WG304.1 is relatively heavy compared with similar electric corded chainsaws and weighs in at 11 pounds. This being said, it is considerably lighter than any gas powered model.

The chainsaw’s weight provides a good balance of stability and comfort to a chainsaw that is both easy to use and powerful.


  •         A huge amount of cutting power
  •         Relatively maintenance free
  •         Advanced safety features
  •         Easy to use


  •         Requires a large amount of oil

What others say about the WG304.1

Most users are generally happy with this chainsaw – especially given its low price.

Particularly popular is the automatic system to tension and loosen the chain. People are also impressed by the power the chainsaw is able to generate given it is so lightweight. It is also simple to start with it being electric.

The only negative is that it requires a large amount of oil on the chain bar when cutting, so it is important you have a full tank when taking on larger jobs.

Check out the price of the Word WG304.1 here

Other Notable Chainsaws

Husqvarna 240 Model Chainsaw

You will be hard pressed to find a better gas powered chainsaw for under $200 than this one.

Even at this lower price, it still comes with lots of Husqvarna’s patented features and other creature comforts.

The 240 boasts a powerful 38 cc motor that generates up to 2 horse power which means the chainsaws 16 inch chain and bar has no problems when being put to heavy use in the garden.

It comes with a chain tensioner mounted on the side that helps to keep the chainsaw cutting smooth and tight.

The chainsaw’s power and fuel efficiency is kept in check via a combined stop / choke control.

It incorporates an air cleaning system from Husqvarna’s top end models which helps to keep the chainsaw’s air filters cleaner for longer and reduces wear.

Another top end feature it incorporates is the patented system to dampen vibration. This stops your hands and arms from feeling uncomfortable after extended periods of use.

You will be please to know that the chainsaw is CARB-compliant thanks to a unique fuel system called X-Torq. Designed by Husqvarna, it reduces emissions whilst at the same time increasing the chainsaw’s efficiency.

The 240 weighs in at slightly over 10 pounds. This weight is even balanced throughout the chainsaw to provide an increased level of comfort. Extended periods of use will not result in muscle fatigue in the arms and hands.


  •         Patented features and other creature comforts
  •         No problems when being put to heavy use in the garden
  •         Is fuel efficient
  •         Comfortable to use
  •         Low emissions


  •         Does not start up easy

What others say about the 240

Many users find the cutting power of this chainsaw highly impressive given its small bar – it makes short work of any task they through at it.

The fact that it is so lightweight and is gas powered (meaning you are not tethered to a power outlet) makes this chainsaw perfect for most small to medium size jobs in the garden, reported many users.

However, some did note that it did not star up as easy as they would have preferred it to. What they did say though is that once they worked out how to correctly configure the start switch it was much easier.

Check out the price of the Husqvarna 240 here

Blue Max 6595 Gas Powered Chainsaw

This is a real brute of a chainsaw. It comes armed with a 45 cc motor and an 18 inch chain and bar, so will make light work of most residential garden jobs.

As with any chainsaw, safety is key. But when you have this much power it is good to know that the 6595 has a chain brake that is automatically activated to avoid injury.

It boasts several features that come with higher end models, such as a gloss paint finish, a chain tension adjustment, a CDI system for the ignition and an auto oiler for the chain.


  •         Boasts several features that come with higher end models Is fuel efficient
  •         Makes light work of most residential garden jobs Low emissions
  •         Chain brake safety feature


  •         Difficult to start up

What others say about the 6595

All users agree that it is very good at cutting through wood and is good value for money given its price.

There is some frustration amongst users that it is difficult to start up and that the manual is quite unclear.

Check out the price of the Blue Max 6595 here


At a highly affordable cost price, the WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp chainsaw is a tough one to beat.

Although there were a couple of other contenders to the crown of the best chainsaw under $200, it is the WG304.1’s exceptional power, combined with its range of features and general build quality that makes it our winner.

Check out the price of the Word WG304.1 here