Dremel FortiFlex vs. Foredom

When trying to determine which is the best flex shaft power tool for their needs, individuals such as wood carvers and jewellery makers will most likely look at Dremel Fortiflex vs Foredom as these are the best two brands currently available on the market. To help these individuals make a purchase decision, we have taken a detailed look at each of these brands, with specific focus on each of their best selling power tools – the Dremel Fortiflex 9100 and the Foredom SR-2230.

In the end we will make a recommendation as to which one you should purchase. So let us begin with the review…

Dremel FortiFlex 9100

This is a high precision rotary power tool that has a flexible shaft. It is able to generate up to 23,000 RPM thanks to its powerful 120 volt, 2.5 amp motor. The 9100 is used much like you would use a pen and has variable speed which are controlled via an easy to use foot pedal. The foot pedal controlled speed feature frees up your hand to fully focus on just gripping the power tool in the best way you find possible.

For those individuals who can drive, the action of using the foot pedal will feel very much like second nature to them. However, for those who do not , or can not drive, it may take some getting used the foot pedal.

Although the Dremel FortiFlex 9100 can be used for a variety of applications, it is woodworking where it is really at home. This is because it can help you to make those highly detailed small cuts, add texture, and sand to make your work piece really stand out. 

This particular model is compatible with any other of Dremel’s accessories for rotary tools, as well as any of their other accessories with a size of between 0 inch to 5 inch. The hand piece of this power tool is interchangeable with that of any other Dremel FortiFlex hand piece. The 9100 comes with a 2 year full warranty that means that any defects that are uncovered are corrected by Dremel free of charge – providing this is within the 2 year time period.

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  •     A 2.5 amp motor
  •     120 volt
  •     Up to 23,000 RPM
  •     An 8 foot power cord
  •     A 2 year warranty


  •     Foot pedal frees up your hand
  •     Used for a variety of applications
  •     Compatible with any other of Dremel’s accessories for rotary tools


  •     Poor build quality

What do others say about the Dremel FortiFlex 9100?

The comments relating to this particular model are quite mixed, with some users being positive and some users not being so positive. Some of the positive feedback relates to the smoothness and effortless nature of using the rotary tool. Users also commented on its perfect use for jewellery making and that the foot pedal is really easy to use and reacts well to the slightest of touches.

An example of the not so positive comments includes the fact that it does not come with a desk stand as part of the whole kit and that it needs to be purchased separately at an additional cost.

Foredom SR-2230

This particular model is favored by jewellery makers in particularly. This is thanks to its 1.6 horse power hang up style motor that is capable of generating as mjuch as 18,000 RPM (in both reverse and forward rotation). This is a feature that any left handed individual out there will fully appreciate. The motor of the Foredom is highly powerful and has been specifically designed to improve the power tool’s overall performance. It has that extra bit of power that is required for continuous use within the harsh jewelry manufacturing process.

The SR-2230’s speed is controlled via a foot pedal that features quality electronics that are housed in a robust thick black plastic housing. As is the case with the Dremel, those individuals who do not drive may struggle at first with getting to grips with using the foot pedal. However, most users soon get the hang of this feature.

It boats a geared chuck with 3 jaws and has a capacity of 0 inch to 5 inch. This means it is able to accept a mandrel that is up to 5 inch big. For tool changes, a chuck key is provided which helps to make this process a whole lot easier.

It comes with a 2 year limited warranty against the foot pedal and the motor, and only a 90 day warranty for the hand piece, which means that any defects that are uncovered with these parts are corrected by Foredom free of charge.

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  •     A 1.7 amp motor
  •     110 volt
  •     Up to 18,000 RPM
  •     An 8 foot power cord
  •     A 2 year warranty


  •     Good for left handers
  •     Improved performance


  •     Motor has limited capacity

What do others say about the Foredom SR-2230?

On the whole most individuals had nothing but good things to say about this particular model by Foredom. Some examples of these include the fact that it is superior to any Dremel rotary tool thanks to its increased power and control.


Some of the less positive things mentioned include the fact that it only comes equipped with an 18,000 RPM capacity motor so can not be used on some certain jobs.


Having looked at both of these power tools in detail, the one we recommend for purchase is the Dremel FortiFlex 9100. This is because of its superior power and the fact that It can be used in a variety of applications, such as jewellery making and wood working.

The Foredom SR-2230 is still a good power tool, however, and many individuals would be happy with it so do not despair if you have already purchased this particular model; there is no need to rush back to the store to return it.

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