DeWalt DWE7480 Table Saw Review

In our review of the DeWalt DWE7480 you will learn all about the table saw’s combination of both functionality and portability, which has seen it classed by many as the best portable table saw currently available on the market. As this is a DeWalt product, you can rest assured that you will be getting a power tool that has good usability and even better build quality.

Dewalt Portable Table Saws

Portable table saws are a bit of a speciality for DeWalt and you can see this in the DWE7480. This is a portable table saw; so you should not be surprised then that it weighs in at just 45 pounds – light enough to be carried in just one hand. It is also the lightest table saw currently available on the market. Other similar models can way as much as 20 pounds more than the DWE7480.

Considering how light weight it is, the DWE7480 is highly powerful and very precise with its cuts. It is capable of running at up to 4,800 RPM thanks to its 15 amp motor and should be able to do pretty much any job you through at it. When packed away and folded down, it is nice and neat. It even has storage space for all your safety gear, as well as all your other bits and bobs.

As standard it comes with a 10 inch, 24 tooth cutting blade made from carbide. This is not the best and it may be worth considering purchasing a better blade to get a cleaner cut. Given the table saw’s weight and size, its ripping capacity is rather impressive. Models with a similar capacity usually weight between 15 – 20 pounds more than the DWE7480. As is the case with portable table saws, this capacity is only reached when using the extendable table with a fence attached.  

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The actual table of this table saw is really good, as its smooth and flat. Not as smooth and flat as what you get on non-portable table saws but, in regards to portable table saw’s, it is better than the rest and does a good job. It comes fitted with adjustable rear feet that are located on the saw’s base. This means you can still get a flat(ish) table even when working on uneven surfaces by simply adjusting the feet.

As standard the DWE7480 does not come with a stand. If this is something you need or want, then you can pay extra so that a stand comes with the table saw. However, what you will get it not very robust and does not compare to jobsite saw stands. Its maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees is comparable to that of most other table saws currently available on the market. It also has the standard bevel adjustment of 0 – 45 degrees.

Dewalt DWE7480 Cutting Features

With all DeWalt table saws the bevel and cutting blade height adjustment is an absolute breeze, and it is no different on this model. The DWE7480’s miter gauge is simple to use and works really well. Accurately setting your desired angle is easy. When applied, it remains strongly locked into place throughout the cutting process.

The fence on this table saw is a great feature. It is fixed to extendable rails and sits securely in place. This, therefore, reduces the need to make constant adjustments to the fence, as you simply squarely set the fence and set the ripping width by extending the rails.

Before doing this, we do recommend making sure that the fence is square, as it is not as reliable as the fences on the top end fixed table saws. However, in comparison to other similar models, the fence on the DWE7480 is much, much better. The rack and pinion system on this table saw are also impressive. You are able to use a knob to adjust the closeness to the cutting blade. This makes getting the precise width required very easy.

This particular model is great a collecting dust and debris. It comes with a standard dust collection port which a vacuum can be attached to. This will reliably catch around 90% of all dust and debris generated when cutting. This is as good as, if not better, than any other comparable portable table saw out there. To keep you safe and away from harm while using the DWE7480, DeWalt have incorporated a cutting blade guard and a riving knife.


Both these two safety features can be adjusted, removed and installed without having to use any tools. This is what DeWalt calls a ‘site-pro modular guarding system’. Most other table saws do not have such a feature, which means any adjustment to them would require you to loosen / tighten bolts and play with other mechanisms which require the use of tools.

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  •         Good build quality
  •         Good usability
  •         Light enough to be carried in just one hand
  •         Highly powerful
  •         Precise cuts
  •         High ripping capacity
  •         Good at collecting dust
  •         Adjustable feet


  •         Standard cutting blade is not the best
  •         Stand does not come as standard and is not very robust


  •         120 volts
  •         A 15 amp motor
  •         Up to 4,800 RPM
  •         A 10 inch carbide cutting blade (24 teeth)
  •         A total weight of 45 pounds
  •         Bevel adjustment of 0 – 45 degrees
  •         A site-pro modular guarding system


Now we have done our DeWalt model DWE7480 review, we can some the table saw up as a great power tool (well done DeWalt!) that will undoubtedly tick all your boxes and is a step ahead in comparison to other similar table saws currently available on the market. It boats the ideal combination of portability and functionality which makes it the perfect choice for beginner hobbyists and experienced home DIYers.

Not only is it easy to use and provides you with precise cuts, but it is also easy to move around and transport. If it is a lightweight portable table saw that is able to produce cuts that are highly accurate that you require, then you cannot go wrong with the DeWalt DWE7480.

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