DeWalt DW872 vs Makita LC1230 – Which metal cutting saw is best?

Before you go out and purchase the very first metal cutting saw that you see in the DIY store, we suggest you do some online research before spending a considerable amount of money on a power tool that you may be using every day. To help you with this research we will be carrying out a review of the DeWalt DW872 vs Makita LC1230. As you are more than likely aware, these are two of the biggest power tool brands out there.

For each of these two models this review will look at the some of their different functions and features, how they match up against one another in terms of their specifications, what each of their pros and cons are, and finally which one we think is best and if we recommend it for purchase.

So let us begin this in depth review with a look at the DeWalt DW872.

DeWalt DW872 Metal Cutting Saw

This model has a powerful 15 amp motor that is capable of generating up to 1,300 RPM of speed. Cutting at this fast speed helps to create fewer sparks. With its quick fence system the cutting blade slides forward to take advantage of the detents (at 90 and 45 degrees).

This takes out the guess work for the more common of cuts. Using the lock mechanism on the power tool makes angle and sliding adjustments a tool free task. It is clearly evident that the build quality of the fence is top notch.

The cutting blade of the DW872 is disposable, so unlike that of the Makita it can not be used again. These means that after enough use the cutting blade will need replacing, and these replacements can be expensive.

However, the 14 inch cutting blade does do well in producing a perfect cut each and every time it is used. This means there is no need for you to re-cut or sand your work piece in order to get a smooth finish.

A locking system means that you are able to operate the power too with just your little finger as it holds the blade guard up.

In order for the miter adjustments to stay in place during use the DeWalt comes with a hand lock. With this there is no need to use specialist tools or screws in order to set the hand lock in place.

The DW872’s vice utilizes a quick lock system which means it can be quickly slide forward and then suitably tightened with a hand crank. The whole adjustment process if very quick on this model. It also has a vertical clamp; something that is popular on miter saws not on metal cutting saws.


  • A 15 amp motor
  • Up to 1,300 RPM of speed
  • A 14 inch cutting blade
  • A quick fence system


  • Few sparks
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to set the hand lock in place


  • Fence is prone to not being square

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Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw

This is a popular power tool as it comes loaded with numerous impressive functions and features. It has lots of power and makes cutting through metals of all strengths, such as iron and steel, super easy. When working with different types of metal the power that the motor provides can be adjusted accordingly.

This power is generated by a 15 motor that is able to produce as much as 1,300 RPM. Its 12 inch cutting blade with 60 carbide tipped teeth promises to last fifty times longer than abrasion wheels, as well as making burr free cuts that are highly accurate.

The LC1230 come with several tools that can be used to sharpen the 12 inch carbide tipped cutting blade. These are essential in ensuring the cutting blade remains able to easily cut through metal. This metal cutting saw has been designed with user ergonomics in mind.

There is a handle built into the Makita so that it can be easily picked up and transported from job to job, or work space to work space. The handle also makes periods of extended use much easier on your hands and reduces fatigue.

The chain on the Makita ensures that the metal cutting saw is transported with ease. If it ever falls it is because of this chain. What would have been a better option would have been to fit it with pin lock instead as this would be a more secure option.

Out of the box the LC1230 comes with a socket wrench, an instruction manual and a pair of safety goggles. This means the metal cutting saw is ready for action as soon as you open it up.

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  • A 15 amp motor
  • Up to 1,300 RPM of speed
  • A 12 inch carbide tipped cutting blade with 60 teeth
  • Comes with socket wrench, an instruction manual and a pair of safety goggles


  • Lots of power
  • Cuts through metals of all strengths
  • Long lasting cutting blade


  • Chain could break whilst being transported


So now that we have looked at the functions and features of each of these metal cutting saws, and considered their pros and cons it is time to answer the question, which one is best?

Considering everything that has been mentioned above, we think that the Makita LC1230 metal cutting saw is the better of the two power tools. Although the DeWalt ran it close, it was the Makita’s ability to cut through all strengths of metal and its long lasting cutting blade that tipped it for us.

However, for those individuals who prefer DeWalt power tools and would never purchase a Makita, you can rest assure that with the DW872 you will be getting a quality metal cutting saw that will comfortably do most jobs – just be sure to occasionally check the fence for squareness.

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