The Husqvarana 150BT Leaf Blower Reviewed

The Ultimate Husqvarna 150BT Review

Raking your garden or yard when your plants shed their leaves is a tough job. If they drop or linger on your flower bed, hedge or bush, then you might need to use a leaf blower like the Husqvarna 150BT.

In this complete review, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower.

The Husqvarna 150BT Leaf Blower

The Husqvarna 150BT is a leaf blower that will help you keep your garden or yard clean. The unit has a unique design, and it is easy to operate. As a lightweight backpack product, you can carry it for a long time without having to worry about back and shoulder pains.

This unit’s controls are simple to use, and it is useful in blowing hard-to-reach places like your gutter or rooftop. And as a step in the right direction, the Husqvarna 150BT provides far more power and attachment options than other models in its series.

Anyone can use this Husqvarna blower, and it is one unit that should last for many years.

Leaf Blower Specifications 

  • Manufacturer: Husqvarna
  • Weight: 22.5 lbs
  • Airspeed: 251 mph
  • Airflow in pipe: 434.37 cfm
  • Power source: Gas-powered
  • Fuel consumption: 455 g/kWh
  • Cylinder displacement: 50.2 cubic cm
  • Blowing force: 20N
  • Nozzle type: Round
  • Fuel tank volume: 42.27 fl oz
  • Power output: 2.15 hp
  • Noise rating: 94 db
  • Warranty: 2 years

Key Features

  1. X-Torq engine

The 150BT works on the brand’s trademarked X-Torq engine. The engine helps to reduce up to 60% of emissions from the exhaust while reducing the fuel consumption rate by up to 20%. It is an environmentally friendly engine to have.

  1. High blowing capacity

This leaf blower is powerful and easy to operate. It delivers a high airflow and airspeed to any area you want to blow leaves from.

  1. Air purge

The blower removes air from the fueling system and carburetor, making it easier for the operator to start this blower than other models.

  1. Ergonomic harness

This backpack leaf blower has a padded harness to fit the shape of any operator’s back. It also has a hipbelt. So, the operator doesn’t have to worry about adjusting the backpack all the time.

  1. Adjustable tube length

You can adjust the tube length for best performance.


  • It is lightweight and built with comfortable harness features.
  • The leaf blower is easy to handle.
  • It is a quiet leaf blower. So, you might not need to use sophisticated hearing protection every time you want to operate the Husqvarna 150BT.
  • The leaf blower allows you to adjust the blowing speed.
  • It has dampeners to reduce the vibrations.


  • You can’t use it to vacuum leaves.
  • It is built for right-handed users.

Our Thoughts

Husqvarna is a recognized brand in the gardening tool world, and we expected nothing but the best from its leaf blowers. This 150BT model is feature-packed and designed to make cleaning up your garden, yard or lawn less time-consuming.

The cordless gas-powered unit has an efficient engine, and its fuel tank is transparent. So, you’ll always know how when you need a refill. The blower also has a filter that prevents dirt from mixing with the fuel.

As you would expect, the 150BT has a round nozzle, and its throttle is on its handle. This makes it easy to control and adjust.

Although the leaf blower is made for right-handed users, you could work your way into using it with your left hand.

But overall, the Husqvarna 150BT is a powerful leaf blower that you might find useful if you’re looking for an affordable unit to get in your home.

Buyers Guide Questions

Handheld vs Backpack: What are the differences and similarities between the two leaf blower designs

You could either get a handheld or backpack leaf blower. But what sets the two design types apart?

  1. Machine power

The airflow, airspeed and power are factors that you should always consider before going out to get a leaf blower. Although handheld leaf blowers are quite powerful, you can’t use them to blow leaves that are scattered around large areas.

On the other hand, backpack leaf blowers come in handy when you want to clean a large gardens or yards. They also deliver a great amount of power output.

  1. Fuel consumption

The most desirable situation is to get a leaf blower that doesn’t consume much fuel. Although handheld blower tanks are smaller, most of them do not necessarily consume less fuel. The same goes for backpack models that usually have large fuel tanks.


One of the most important things people look out for in a leaf blower is how easy it is to use. But there’s no direct way to tell whether a blower would be comfortable or not. However, its weight is a good indicator to keep in mind.

Handheld units are no doubt lighter than backpack models. But holding or strapping them to your hand might not be the most comfortable option. Over time, it becomes glaring that backpack leaf blowers have the upper hand when it comes to comfort.

Husqvarna 150BT vs Husqvarna 350BT: What is the difference?

As we mentioned earlier, Husqvarna makes a lot of products you can use to tidy, trim and clean up your garden or lawn. So, it is not surprising to find two units that look identical. However, you should not mistake the 150BT model from the 350BT unit.

Here are some of their differences:

  1. Airflow

This is the main difference between the 350BT and the 150BT leaf blowers. The 350BT model has 494 cfm of airflow and a speed of 180 mph. However, the 150BT model has an airflow of 434 cfm and a 251-mph speed.

This difference becomes glaring when you use the blowers.

  1. Design

Another factor that sets the two models from the same brand apart is their design features. The 350BT has a low comfortable handle and a cruise control feature. On the other hand, the 150BT leaf blower has an ergonomic harness but still spots the cruise control feature.

What to consider before getting a leaf blower

Here are a couple of factors to consider when getting a leaf blower:

  1. Source of power

Based on the power source, there are two primary types of leaf blowers: electric units and gas models. Electric leaf blowers could be handheld, corded or cordless, but gas-powered units are either handheld or backpack blowers.

While electric leaf blowers are lighter than their counterparts, gas blowers are usually more powerful. Blowers that use gas as their fuel also have a greater airspeed. But electric leaf blowers are generally less expensive.

  1. Noise production and vibration

Next, you should consider the vibration and noise production level of the leaf blower you intend to get. While most brands don’t measure vibrations, the noise production level is recorded in decibels. Ensure you check what its value is before you go ahead and get a blower.

You should not get a blower that has a noise production level that is greater than 150 db.

  1. Power, airflow and airspeed

These set of factors complement one another. Corded and battery-powered units are rated in milliampere-hours. Alternatively, the power of a gas-fueled unit is measured in terms of the cylinder’s displacement.

A higher rating indicates a more powerful blower.


Q1. What do I do if the Husqvarna 150BT unit vibrates when idling?

The leaf blower is equipped with a vibration-damping system that should cushion the vibrational effects. So, if your model vibrates excessively, then you might not have fitted it correctly.

Ensure that the straps are tight. Then check the idle speed. Finally, make sure the air filter is clean, and its cover is fitted.

Q2. Can I remove the hipbelt on this leaf blower?

You are not supposed to remove the hipbelt in this unit. But if you insist on not using it, then you might find the blower uncomfortable to operate.

Q3. Does this blower work with premixed oil?

Yes. You can use premixed oil as a fuel in your blower. The ideal ratio of gas to oil is 50:1. You can mix the fuel you need to operate this unit by yourself. But you must accurately measure the quantity of each component you need in the mixture.

Q4. Can I switch the blower wand from right to left?

No. The wand of the Husqvarna cannot be switched from the left to the right position.

Final Words

If you are thinking of getting a leaf blower to keep your garden tidy, then the 150BT might be the unit you’ve been looking for. It is easy to handle, comfortable to hold and a downright powerful unit.