Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw Review

Do you require various angled cuts? Then the Hitachi C10FCG 10″ single bevel compound miter saw, powered by a 15 amp motor, is the miter saw to do the job. According to Hitachi, this miter saw is able to make cuts and numerous different degrees of angle, and can do so without leaving boards broken or scrapes and marks on any of your cuts.

It is an industrious miter saw with the impressive ability to tilt both left and right to an angle of as much as 52 degrees. In comparison to other similar miter saws, the C10FCG is very lightweight and weighs in at just 24 pounds. These are all impressive facts, but how does this model of miter saw hold up when looking at other similar models currently available on the market?


When it comes to good looking power tools, Hitachi are not known for their pleasant and eye catching designs. The C10FCG has a rather simple design but does still manage to look like every other miter saw currently available on the market. However, what it does lack in its design, it more than makes up for with its features and functionality.

It has a lightweight build, weighing in at only 24 pounds, that has been designed with professional tradesmen in mind as it can easily be picked up and moved around site, or put into the back of a work van and transported.

It has been designed to cut any and all types of wood. With this miter saw you can cut through large pieces of lumber (up to 4-inch x 6 inch), to hardwoods, trim molding, baseboard, and even rails and stiles.

However, the blade that comes as standard is not designed for cutting other materials. If you are wanting to cut through metal, we recommend you swap it out for a specialist blade designed for cutting through metal. Its table is very reliable, strong and sturdy to handle the more tough cuts you will make. This is necessary given the C10FCG’s powerful 15 amp motor and the fact that it is so lightweight.

Finally, it has been designed in a way to handle debris and dust rather well. There is a port on the rear of the miter saw where you can attach a vacuum cleaner and it sucks up any pieces of debris and dust coming off the cutting blade. Although this does not get every single piece, it does help to minimise the clean up job after use.

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When buying direct from the manufacturer you have the shipping option of having the miter saw delivered by the next working day – great for when you are in a rush. At the touch of a button you can angle the miter from a range of 0 to 52 degrees, enabling you to make whatever kind of bevel or angled cut you want. Its arm has great flexibility, with the ability to tilt to both the left and to the right, making it perfect for cutting floor or ceiling trim, or even wood at a certain angle.

The C10FCG is a lightweight miter saw, compared to other similar models currently available on the market. It weighs in at just 24 pounds. It is actually one of the lightest available and so it makes moving it or transporting it a breeze. Its vice clamp is particularly strong, providing the operator with a hands free experience when cutting through boards or other larger work pieces.

There is a guiding system on the miter saw’s tilt lets you see what angle it is currently at, by providing the exact level of degrees and how far to the right or to the left you are tilting. This takes any guess work out of it or the need to do any sort or measuring. Like all Hitachi power tools it comes with a two year warranty. 

Check out the price of the Hitachi C10FCG


  •         The miter saw can go to both the right and to the left when making bevel cuts.
  •         Its miter has a range of 0 through to as much as 52 degrees.
  •         The miter can be adjusted with a couple of buttons that are located near your thumb.
  •         It has a really large table to work on.
  •         It has a horizontal handle on the top (rather than vertical).
  •         Can make clean cut.


  •         The instruction manual is poorly written and difficult to follow.
  •         It has an aluminium body which is not as robust as a steel one would be.
  •         Does not come with a laser guide as standard.
  •         The build quality and sturdiness of the fence is not the best.


The Hitachi C10FCG 15 amp 10 in. compound miter saw is a basic looking, yet highly powered tool that will more than definitely get your job done. When looking at its price, and considering the price of other similar models, then it is absolutely worth every penny. It is not massively expensive and the shipping costs, when buying direct from the manufacturer, are reasonable.

The Hitachi C10FCG 15 amp 10″ single bevel compound miter saw has great flexibility in being able to perform cuts at a variety of different angles and without any sort of fuss or hassle. Its range for the miter, which are between 0 and an impressive 52 degrees, provides you with the capability to make any sort of angled bevel cut you would want.

Overall, it is a really good power tool that would make a sound addition to the tool collection of any self respecting home DIYer or professional tradesman.


Although we do recommend purchasing this particular model, it is worth bearing in mind that it is a budget miter saw and that it does not quite have the build quality or range of features and functions that some tradesmen would want or require.

You should always look at what type of jobs you need a miter saw for before deciding if a model is for you and making a purchase.

Check out the price of the Hitachi C10FCG