Everything You Need To Know About Fuel-Efficient Generators

Generators are a lifesaver in the time of power discontinuation. Purchasing home generators is considered to be a good investment considering the power cuts for long hours can disrupt daily chores. Home generators should serve for a longer duration and provide power backup as per your need. 

If you are tackling the long term power discontinuation and need a generator to end all your miseries. Keep these pointers in mind, before purchasing one.

  • Analyze your needs and choose between a portable or a standby generator. 
  • Keep your power needs in the top priority. Examine your power consumption and electrical devices to select a perfect size.
  • The generator occupies a fixed position, determine the place, and make sure it stays protected from direct sunlight and water sources.
  • Consider which fuel source suits you the best and stock the energy source for emergency power backup.
  • Make a budget and consider your needs to get a home generator.
  • Take professional help while installing the device and altering electrical wiring.
  • Check the watt status of the generator. You can check it on the product sticker.

What is a generator?

A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It provides power backup in sudden power cuts. Some generators also support Rv boats and small workshops without electrical wiring. 

Everything about Fuel efficient home generators

Fuel efficiency is widely used for automobiles. For generators, it is employed with an energy efficiency quotient. The more fuel you use, the more energy you will gain. Practising energy conservation is of utmost importance to save our environment as well as pricing.

The fuel efficiency depends on the size of the generator and the power consumption. To determine good fuel efficiency choose a size that is perfect for your household needs. 

How to choose a perfect size

In-depth research helps in choosing the right home generator. As you know fuel efficiency is directly related to the size, use a generator sizing chart to find out how much energy you will need to operate all the essentials.  

First, narrow down the essential devices, their watt status, and the amount of electricity needed to run these appliances. These points will help you determine the size of your home generator.

Types of home generator

For household purposes, generators are the best alternative for power backup. There are basically three types of generators. These generators are built to overcome the power shortfalls according to your need. First, make sure to narrow down a list of appliances and measure the overall electricity consumption. Small household needs less energy than huge households. So, calculating as per your device requirement is important.  

Whole house or stand by generators

Stand by generators are best for leveraging a whole house, this provides instant power backup in the time of the blackout. You need a fixed place to store the generator and also make sure to keep it away from children and water sources. It is capable of supporting central air conditioning. 

  • This generator provides Instant power backup and starts in seconds.
  • The whole house generator gets its energy from an outer source such as propane and natural gas. 
  • Stand by generators covers 24×7 blackout protection and is permanently fitted within your premises. 
  • These generators are designed to supply power to the whole house as well as partially. 
  • When selecting models watch out for additional features and choose the one which is operating quietly and aptly.

Standby generators are best suited for big or medium-sized families. These generators are capable of running the entire house electricity. Your house will never witness an electricity crisis after installing a stand by generator.

Inverter generator 

This generator is known for its low noise feature. It is light-weighted and hence, easy to move as well. Inverter generator functions with the help of an engine. The engine builds AC power with the help of an alternator. This AC power then converts in DC power and can be easily stored for future consumption. This is best for small families, boating trips, and camping. 

  • You can use an electric cooktop of 1200 watts.
  • It will support 250 watts for light and 100 watts for fans.
  • You can use the space heater during a power cut but this generator can only support 1500 watts. So use the appliance carefully.
  • Crockpot amounts to 1200 watts and a television set can only be used if it is less than 250 watts.

Portable generators

Portable generators are an inexpensive way to overcome the electricity crisis. If it is connected to the circuit breaker via a transfer switch, it will provide power backup like a full house generator. If you have not connected it with a transfer switch, it will use inbuilt outlets that connect various extension cords to provide electricity. 

For starting this generator, you have to connect the machine with a transfer switch at the time of usage. You will have to stock up gasoline for a protracted outage. 

New models of portable generators are equipped with an automated sensor that helps to identify high-level carbon monoxide and shuts the machine instantly. Also, make sure to choose an engine that emits less carbon monoxide.

Generator safety measures

Proper sizing and generator safety are important before buying a generator. Generators are life-threatening if used carelessly, safety measures are vital while handling an electric generator.  

  • To avoid electric shocks, place the inverter in a cool and dry place. Keep this away from children.
  • Portable generators should be kept at a distance of 15 feet from any structure. 
  • Place the generator in the open space for protecting your family from the harmful effects of carbon monoxide.
  • Do not refill the generator right after using it. Give it some time to cool down.
  • Use electrical wirings that are suitable for heavy-duty. 

Planning and plotting is the best practice for buying a home generator. A generator is an essential device for people, residing in the countryside. You need to pre-plan and install the generator before the crisis, so look out for the perfect generator as per your requirement. Make sure to consult a professional for the installation process.