11 Cool Uses of a Band Saw

A Band saw is a kind of power saw which has a sharp and long blade. They are generally used for cutting wood in woodworking, cutting metal in metalworking, and also in lumbering. 

Sometimes they are also used for cutting meats. The advantage of this band saw is that it is used for multipurpose. It makes it easier to cut anything in a short time. 

It has two or more wheels that pull its blade. The blade looks like a ribbon. The module always rotates with the wheels. So, let’s have a look at cool Band Saw Uses You Need to Know: 

Most Common And Innovative Band Saw Uses

Moving the Edge of Any Board 

If you want to adjoin aboard with another board, you need to make the align sharp. For this, sometimes, you need to edge your board for fitting with another board’s edge. 

For doing this kind of work, Band saw can do help. It can cut your board’s edge and make it perfect for adjoining with another. 

You have to select a wood which you want to move it’s the edge, mark you need to move and cut it by Band saw. 

To Reset the Look of The Board

If you want to reset the look of your board, you can use Band saw for it. Cause it can do your work correctly. 

Suppose, you did the wrong shape on aboard. Now you want to change that. Or suppose, the shape was so thick, now you want to make it thin. 

A Band saw can do this work quickly and correctly. You wouldn’t be a worry after that. 

Wood Working 

A band saw is used most in woodworking because it can make so many different types of slices. 

A band saw is a multitude of saws in many ways. Cause it can use for multitasking for cutting wood. You can make different kinds of shapes for different furniture. Also, you can cut a larger size of wood into small pieces. 

You can use Band saw for both curves and small cuts. It allows us to play with wood. We could make any kind of shape by this.

Cutting Curves and Circles of a Board by Band Saw

If you need to cut your board for making it curves or circles, you can use Band saw for it. It gives a bit more control than other saw and gives a lot less mass. 

Cause a Band saw has downward below the table, which helps to cut board properly. If you have a clear line, you will get an accurate result. Also, you can cut four or more boards together at one time. It saves time and energy. 

Resawing Lumber by Band Saw

You can use Band saw for resawing any lumber. You can resaw any more substantial piece of Lumber to make a few pieces of it. The Band saw has a lot of features to use to cut large lumbers. So, it can be handy for use. 

Cutting Notches by Band Saw

Well, you can cut notches by the table saw, but there is a problem that you might not get the accurate result; also, you can’t cut safely. Again, even if you cut safely, it can over cut your board on the backside. But, cutting notches by a Band saw can give you an accurate result without giving any overcut. Also, it is way safer than other saws. 

Metal Working 

A band saw is used not only for woodworking, but it is also used for metalworking.  You can cut metal by this. Though you need a durable blade to cut metals, you can cut. 

You can give different types of shapes in metal as wood. You can cut metal tubes, metal sheets, and various kinds of metal materials. 

So that means, you are getting wood and metal cutter both in one Band saw.  It saves time and money too. Otherwise, you have to use several tools. 


Ripping is the most popular uses of Band saw. It means cutting wood from a large size of wood to small. 

All the unusable pieces of wood can be useful after cutting them by Band saw. You can cut a large piece of wood to some same sizes, small wood. After that, you can use them to make furniture. 

Besides, Band saw has a large table size that allows us to cut multiple pieces of wood together. For this reason, you can save your time. 

Cutting Structural Steels 

Band Saw can cut Steels. It is used for making different types of shapes in steel. It has enormous power to cut any steel. For this reason, some places it is restricted to use for cutting steel. 

Cutting Meat 

It is not like familiar, but Band saw is used for cutting meat also. Butchers use this tool to cut the large size of meats or even bones. In big butchery businesses, they need to cut vast numbers of meat, and also, you need to work fast there. So nowadays, Band saws are uses there to make their work easy. It saves time and energy both. 

Cutting Pipes or Plastics 

Yes, you guessed right. A Band saw can cut any kind of plastics, including pipes. You can cut any kind of pipes by Band saw if you need it. It is a good saw which has so many abilities. It could cut a diversity of different things. 


Now you know more about band saw. Also, know-how and where to use it. Hopefully, you understand how many advantages it has. It’s an excellent tool for DIY workers, even for professionals. 

Don’t forget to check the band saw uses carefully while buying. You can choose the best one if you follow those above.